Akemi Proucts from Top Granite Marble

With a wide range of products covers the whole application range in the processing of stones.
Akemi care products are worldwide successfully used for cleaning, impregnation, sealing, care, crystalisation and slide protection. Ask our Sales Staff for Products that you want.

Your high-quality natural stone deserves being treated with our professional products. Our cleaning products for cleaning, protection and care of natural stones are available with us.

Crystal Clean Spray- £10.00

For the daily removal of slight dirt like for example slight films of oil and grease, dirt on polished natural and artifical stones as well as on fine stone ware.

Stone Care Kit – £45.00

500 ml Tripple Effect
250 ml Oil and Grease Remover Paste
250 ml Stain Repellent Nano – Effect.

Stone repellent Nano Effect – £28.00

A Special impregnation which strongly repels water, grease and oil. Used to protect flooring, table tops, working surfaces made of absorbent natural and artificial stone.